Individualized And Client-Centered Speech Therapy

CASLPO Registered Speech-Language Pathologists

At Key to Speech, we provide private speech-language pathology services to children and adults, including assessment, treatment and consultation for a wide range of communication (include voice) and swallowing disorders.

Voice and Chronic Cough

Please book if you are experiencing the following:
- Swallowing difficulties, coughing/choking during meals
- ENTs recommended voice therapy

Pediatric Speech and Language

Book if you have concerns with your child's speech and language concerns.

Speech/Articulation: How we produce sounds and words.
- "wabbit" for "rabbit", "tar" for "car",
- Lisps ("slushy" sound when saying "s", "z", "sh", "ch", "j")

Language: Understanding and use of words to communicate. Language also includes the use of gestures.
- Difficulty understanding language (ex. "give daddy the key") and concepts (ex. "on", "under")
- Limited vocabulary
- Late talker
- Early language skills: gestures, facial expressions, imitation, joint-attention, eye-contact

Adult Speech and Language

Book if:

Fluency (Stuttering)

Book if you/your child is experiencing difficulties with the flow of speaking.

Your/your child's speech may be characterized by:
- Hesitations (ex. "uh", "like")
- Repetitions of sounds, syllables, and phrases (ex. "Look at the b-b-baby," "Let's go out-out-out")
- Sound prolongation (ex. "I had sssssoup for lunch")
- Blocks in airflow (ex. "I see a (pause) dog")

Literacy Skills (Reading and Writing)

Book if you child has difficulties with reading and writing.

- Early literacy skills
- Phonological awareness
- Dyslexia and/or dysorthographia

Dysphagia (Impaired Swallowing)

Book if you are experiencing the following:

- Difficulty chewing
- Coughing or choking when eating and drinking
- Sensation of food getting "stuck"
- Pain when swallowing
- Problems managing saliva (ex. drooling and/or choking on saliva)
- Disinterest, isolation related to eating or drinking

Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA)

Book only if you have been assessed by a Speech-Language Pathologist at our clinic and have been assigned to a CDA under the SLP's supervision.

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