Where are you located?

The Key to Speech clinic is located at 4473 Innes Road in Orléans, ON, K4A 3J7. Our clinic is on the 3rd floor, suite 304.

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Are services offered in other languages?

Our team of registered Speech-Language Pathologists provide services in both French and English. 

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How do I pay for services?

To ensure a seamless experience, we require a credit card be saved on file at the time of booking. Your credit card information is securely stored and only charged following a session or in the event of a missed appointment or late cancellation. 

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What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the high demand for speech therapy in the Ottawa area, Key to Speech has a 24 hours cancellation policy in place to better serve our clients seeking speech therapy services. All missed appointments, late appointment cancellations and late arrivals to appointments will be billed at the full session fee.

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How long are therapy sessions?

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What is the current wait time for an appointment?

As our caseload and demand for services is ever changing, please call us for the most up to date wait time for an assessment.

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Do I need a referral for speech therapy?

A referral is not necessary to begin SLP services, however your insurance company may require a referral from a physician for services to be reimbursed/covered. We encourage you to reach out to your insurance company prior to beginning SLP services.

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Do you offer in-person / virtual / in-home appointments?

Currently we offer our services in person at the clinic or virtually. Unfortunately due to the COVID pandemic, at-home or in-school services are not currently available.

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What are the fees for your services?

Our appointment fees vary. Please visit our booking page for a full list of services and fees. 

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Is speech therapy covered by insurance/OHIP?

Speech therapy is not covered by OHIP, however some insurance companies cover SLP services. Please contact your insurance provider prior to beginning services with us to confirm. We don’t do direct billing, however we provide receipts after each session.

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Can a parent attend their child’s appointments?

Yes, parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend assessments and therapy sessions.

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Is there free parking at the clinic?

Yes, free parking is available at the back of the building. There is additional parking located behind the Menchie's next door should the main parking be full.

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