Voice Disorders and Chronic Cough


Voice disorders is a change in how the voice sounds (pitch, volume, tone, and other voice qualities). Individuals with voice problems are usually referred to a Speech-Language Pathologist by their ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat Specialist). Some common voice disorders include: dysphonia, spasmodic dysphonia, polyps, nodules, vocal cord paralysis or weakness, etc.

Chronic coughing and throat clearing can contribute, exacerbate or perpetuate a voice disorder. A Speech-Language Pathologist can help you implement healthy voice habits to reduce chronic coughing and throat clearing, improving voice quality.

KATHERYNE LEGAULT: Voice (ex. dyphonia, nodules, etc.) & Chronic Cough (dry throat, throat clearing)

SARAH MOLOCI: Chronic Cough only (dry throat, throat clearing)

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Katheryne Legault


Victoria Robert


Voice and Chronic Cough

Please book if you are experiencing the following:
- Swallowing difficulties, coughing/choking during meals
- ENTs recommended voice therapy